How To Train Your Puppy
How to train your puppy

Teach Your Puppy The Basics!

Do you have a new puppy and are interested in training some basic tricks or do have a dog that may need help with obedience, this article will help you with that.  I started off as a new dog owner, we rescued a Golden Retriever and immediately enrolled in obedience classes at our local pet store.  We learned a lot from these classes, here are a few tricks that I hope will help you.

The very first thing that we learned in pet class was that it was absolutely necessary that we purchase a clicker.  You NEED to invest in a clicker.  Different dog breeds may be more difficult to train but I believe that all dogs are able to learn the basics; sit, lay down and walk on a leash, just to name a few. Back to the beginning, a clicker is needed along with some of your dogs’ yummy treats. First you need to introduce the clicker to your dog.  I would do this by having your treat near by and clicking and handing the dog the treat. I would do this for about 5 minutes, with a minute wait time- click and provide treat, wait a minute and do it again.  Now your pet is ready to learn its’ first trick. 

Teach Your Dog To Sit

I think it is important to teach your dog how to sit.  It teaches them patience and obedience.  Start out by holding the treat in your hand, right above their nose, and get your dog to lean back but do not let them eat the snack until they are sitting, and you have clicked the clicker.  Sometimes you are lucky, and your dog is in the sitting position already, click and provide treat.  Now if you are like me and you are not too lucky, you are going to have to help your dog sit.  Try to gently push his bottom down and when he sits, follow above steps.

Teach Your Dog To Sit

Teach Your Dog To Lay Down

Teaching your dog to lay down, teaches your dog self-control.  Dogs naturally love to lay around so this one does not take too long to teach, unlike some of the others that require daily repetition, sometimes even for weeks.  Hold the snack in your hand, in front of your dog and guide him to the lay down position by bringing the treat all the way down to the floor.  Sometimes, your dog will not respond right away to this and will try to move forward to get the treat instead of laying down so you may have to guide him by gently pushing his bottom with the treat in front of his face.

Teach Your Dog To Walk On Leash

Leash training will allow your walks and/or jogs to be pleasant with your pet.  This trick is one of the lengthier tricks because it requires a few weeks for your dog to perfect leash training, but I promise you, you will thank me for it.  First, put a leash on your dog and walk him on the side of your body.  When you are walking your dog, have your dog walk the same pace as you, if he/she speeds up, stop and gently tug on the leash to make your dog stop, if your dog responds and sits or stops, click and provide your dog with a treat.  The key is to stop every time that your dog is walking at a faster pace than you.  You should only have a little slack in the leash when you walk with your dog and should never have to tug or be tugged when walking your dog.  

Easy To Train Breeds

Some dog breeds that are well known for being a little easier to train are Golden Retrievers, Poodles, Border Collies, Labrador Retrievers and German Shepherds but this doesn’t mean that your dog isn’t able to learn tricks, it just means it may be harder for your dog to retain it and therefore may need more repetitions.  These are just the start of the many different tricks you can teach your dog, but these foundations will make it easier to train your dog to do different things.  Learning these tricks will make you even closer to your dog.  Your dog will fall in love with you because they know you care and are willing to spend the time to teach and love them.

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